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Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals

Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals
Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Take the Pledge to Buy Handmade

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

I took the Pledge to buy handmade. Not only is it important to buy handmade, but made in the U.S.! Be unique and original, buy handmade goods! I have lots of links for unique crafts on the right side of the page. Check them out and buy HANDMADE IN AMERICA this year! Support independant designers and small business owners! There is always an handmade alternative. Handmade items make gifts special.

Black Friday is about here, instead of fighting the crowds at the mall, check out the links to the Unique Crafters, Crafte Galore Craft Mall and don't forget to check out my site, Skeeter's Fine Crafts.

I have added some new fabric in the Tater Baker Bags. Be sure to check them out. The Tater Baker Bags make great gifts for everyone on your shopping list! I will try to add some pictures later, but it is 1:30 in the morning and I can't sleep, so here I am on the computer, writing in my BLOG!

Until next time, when I am more prepared to post links and pictures, God be with you, please take the pledge to buy handmade and make this the best shopping season for all the Unique handcrafters!
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John 3:16

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Christmas Shopping is Here!

We are back from our California trip. Baby Ayden is the cutest thing we have seen for a long time! If you want to see some pictures and read about our trip, check out my other blog. Life in the U.P. I also have some pictures posted in my webshots albums too. Time is slipping by so quickly. Soon it will be Christmas! Have you even thought about Christmas shopping? I know I haven't, it will be here and gone before we know it.
I have posted some new prints in Tater Baker Bags on my website and have some more fabric on order. I will post them on my site as soon as I get them done.
I have been asked to make some Tater Baker Bags in a Nautical Theme, Lighthouses and such. I found this fabric.

Nautical Print, boats, lighthouses on Blue
Tater Baker Bag for Microwave

The next one is little chickens on nests with little stars, the background is hunter green. I found this fabric while searching for the lighthouse theme fabric. I also found some little sunflowers with star on a red background. Remember. Tater Baker Bags make great gifts for the college student, or anyone on your gift list that loves baked potatoes! Remember Gift Giving Days coming up.... Easter, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas. As a housewarming gift, with a scrubbie in a gift basket. You will have a chance to buy a Tater Scrubber with a potato bag, while supply lasts, you can note your preference in colors and I will try to come as close as I can, but may not be able to include the exact color.

Hens Nest Stars Green
Tater Baker Bag for Microwave

I also found a couple of quilt prints. One is a retro print with orange and green, the other is a nice blue quilt design.

Retro Quilt Orange ~~~ Quilt Design Blue
Tater Baker Bag for Microwave Tater Baker Bag for Microwave

The last but not least, Sunflowers! I love sunflowers, they just make me feel good. This print has stars and is on a red background. The little sunflowers are in pots and are just tossed. If you like sunflowers, I have several different prints available on my site. Skeeter's Fine Crafts ~ Tater Baker Bags.
If you don't see a theme that you are interested in, please let me know, I can look for it in my search for new fabric.

Sunflowers and Stars Red
Tater Baker Bag for Microwave

These are handcrafted bags, designed to bake potatoes in the microwave. This simple bag creates a "JUST RIGHT" baked potato in your microwave. The inside of the potato is well done, yet moist, while the skin remains tender. The bag will cook from 1 to 3 potatoes at once.

Baked Potato

Couch Potato Logo for Tater Bags for Microwave
Tater Scrubbers

Tater Scrubber

Get a Scrubber to match your Tater Baker Bag

Don't forget the Scrubbies. For Potatoes, Vegetables, Pots, Pans, Sinks, in every room of the house!This is the handiest scrubber for all types of non-scratch cleaning. Handcrafted from nylon yarn, so they are tough and will clean your vegetables, sink, pots and pans and other things around the house. At this time I am not selling them separately, just in combination with a Tater Baker Bag.

Tater Scrubber

Well, that about brings me up to date with my blogs. At least I wrote something, it takes me a long time, but I hope to be more regular in posting this Christmas season. Don't forget the REASON for the SEASON! Put Christ back in CHRISTmas!

Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

So Until next time, take care and have a happy Christmas shopping season!

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