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Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals

Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals
Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another year,,,,,,

I just joined Pinterest, if you don't know about Pinterest, you are really missing a neat site. I also joined a Pinterest masterlist for crafters.

If you wish to become a member of Pinterest, just message me on facebook,
send me your email and I will send you an invite.
My account is under Skeeter Jorgensen

I had a great Christmas season, making the years total one of the best for a few years. Thanks to all my great customers, thank you for the orders.

My inventory is so low, it will take me several weeks to get it back up to where it should be. That means new fabric (Yipppeee) I love to shop for fabric. So watch my website for new prints and hopefully some new items. I have been so busy making Tater Baker Bags, I just don't have time to try new things.

We are in the middle of winter here in the U.P. It is 2 degrees and that is the high for today, January 19th 2012

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jen Nave's fight against Leukemia


If you follow me on Facebook, you may already know about my granddaugher, Jen Nave, who is a 27 year old widow. She lost her husband to Leukemia. Jen promised her husband, Pat, that she would do all she could to raise awareness of Leukemia and the donor process for the bone marrow transplant.

Jen has a blog that she started before Pat passed away. Their journey to other states trying to get help. They had a baby in December (added to the four year old they already have) the blog explains everything they had to endure up to the time he died. Pat's Journey

Now she is planning fundraisers, night walks and everything that she can think of to raise the awareness. There isn't an organized walk in Billings, the closest is in Boise Idaho, but if Jen makes a good showing, they will have a walk in Billings next year.

An unofficial "Light the Night" walk will be held at 7 p.m. on Oct. 14 at North Park in Billings.To learn more about the event, to participate or to donate, search for "Billings Light the Night" on Facebook. Please share with all your friends to help raise awareness to Leukemia and bone marrow transplants.

To learn more about becoming a bone marrow donor, go to joinTo read More in the Billings Gazette
Billings KULR8

Please help me bring a "Light the Night" walk to Billings MontanaLight the Night on Facebook

Jen Nave's Fundraising PageDonate what you can, no matter how small.


These orange silicone bracelets are high quality silicone bracelets that have the words Hope, Faith, Love embossed on them.
These bracelets are 8 1/4 inches. Shipping is free, the entire amount is going to be donated to Jen's Team.

Donation of $3.00

To Donate without the bracelet

Thank you!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to Soothe Aching Feet

The most abused body part is your feet. Most people rarely think about resting their feet during the day. You go to work and stand on your feet or maybe wear heels all day and at day's end your feet are tired, achy and maybe even a bit swollen. Special care must be taken to prevent such problems as cuts, sores, calluses and bunions. You must relax by taking time out to pamper your tired aching feet

1. Make a daily exam of your feet and toenails and choose socks that are not tight or too short. After having heels on the entire day, be sure to give the feet a break by switching to a pair of slippers or sandals.

2. Elevate your feet by lying on the floor and rest the feet on edge of a chair or lay on a bed resting the feet on the headboard. Doing this for ten to twenty minutes will help swollen, aching feet. It enables the trapped fluids to travel down your legs to the heart, causing the swelling to subside.

3 Treat your feet to a massage once a week. Get into comfortable, loose clothing and a comfy chair, supporting your back well. Make a mixture to rub into your feet gently, using two teaspoons olive oil and adding three drops of lavender oil. If you wish you can also add a drop of chamomile or geranium oil or both. After the ingredients are mixed, rub gently all over your feet. Now just rest awhile with your feet up. Wash the feet using a mild soap, rinse well, dry with a soft towel being careful to dry in between the toes.

4. Smooth and soften your dry and cracked skin. There are many good heel and foot care balms on the market that make your feet feel so soft and smooth. After using them a few times you will be amazed at how wonderful your feet feel when you retire for the night and on awakening you will find them much softer.
tendency to swell. Make your feet feel less tired by rolling them a cold drink can from the refrigerator. If the weather is hot, put your foot spray in the fridge and spritz it on to feel better after a long day at work.

For more information to freshen tired feet

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Memory Bear

I am so happy with my Belly Button Memory Bear that I had made for my Dad Grogan. We had it made out of one of his western shirts. Denise did a wonderful job, I am thinking about having one made in memory of my Grandma Jay (Grandma J) I don't have any of her dresses, so we will have to find something that looks and reminds me of Grandma.

My mom was in tears of delight when she received her Memory Bear. She was looking through some pictures and found a picture of Dad wearing this exact shirt! She was so thrilled, she had to call me right away!

My sister says that Mom carries it around on her walker from room to room. My Dad played the guitar and I always loved the song (him singing) Take an Old Cold Tater and Wait, so I had that included. Randy had an old pick that he has had for years and we put that into the net heart under the vest. I loved having the picture on the vest. I liked the idea of these Memory Bear, I had Denise make me one too. I am just so happy with the way they turned out.

Be sure to check out Denise's albums of some of the bears she has created. They are all so beautiful.

well I got a batch of cookies going in the kitchen, so have to go tend to them. I just wanted to share the pictures of the bears.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still Winter

Honeysuckle Pink is the color for spring. this pair of barefoot sandals specially for spring.

By the looks of outside, it is still winter, it is snowing, not much but flurries. Are you ready for summer? Are your feet ready for the Barefoot sandals?

Toe Buddy has some hints to get your feet ready for summer! There are more hints on my facebook page, under the discussion tab.

Pedicures are a great way to relax your feet will look great. Paint your toenails to match the beads of the barefoot sandals!
Watch for Toe Buddy's posts to update you on what is new in Barefoot Maui Sandals

Toe Buddy says try this;

Thirty Minute Pedicure

* Clean toenails and use nail polish remover to get rid of
all traces of polish.

* Cut toenails using a nail clipper and use an emery board
to file nails into desired shape. Hold the board slightly
angled down over the edge of the nail. Smooth the edges
towards the center with a light motion.

* Gently massage the nail surfaces with a cuticle oil or

* Fill a bowl with warm water and add a handful of bath
salts of a few drops of pure essential oil. Place both feet
in the bowl and soak for five to ten minutes.

* Thoroughly dry feet with a towel and apply a drop of
cuticle remover to the nail contours. Leave it on for a few
minutes while you smooth away any hard skin or calluses on
the soles of your feet using an exfoliating cream.

* Use a manicure stick covered with cotton wool to gently
"roll" the cuticles back. Massage the hard skin with the
scrub, then rinse off in the warm water.

* Rinse your feet in cold water to increase circulation. Dry
them again with a towel and pay special attention to the
skin between your toes.

* To remove any oily film, clean your toenails with a cotton
pad soaked in remover.

* Apply a base coat of polish, followed by two coats of
polish, and finally a top coat. Placing cotton wool between
the toes helps separate them and makes it easier to apply
Now you are ready for the beach, that cruise that you are looking forward to or all the other summer activities where you go barefoot.

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Until next time, take care

Skeeter Jorgensen