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Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals
Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Granddaughters Blog

I have a heavy heart as I post this message. My granddaughter Jen and her husband Pat, have been in Oklahoma City trying to find a bone marrow transplant for Pat. Now the Doctors say he is not a good candidate. They are trying to get back home to Billings Montana, as we don't know how much more time Pat has. They will try to seek other methods of treatment. Jen just had a baby on the December 17th, and they have a 4 year old. Jen is my only granddaughter and my heart just breaks for her.

To read her Blog and if you are so moved, a donation button has been added. Please Pray for the courageous couple. They are Christians and are really trusting in the Lord to lead them as what to do next.

Thank you for reading, if you know of any help out there for this young couple, please leave a comment.

God Bless you!

Skeeter Jorgensen