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Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals

Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals
Skeeter's Barefoot Sandals

Monday, June 7, 2010

June, how did it get to be June already?

I have been busy, still learning how to use my embroidery machine. So far, I mostly have been making bookmarks. Found some cute Angels, they will make nice Christmas presents for friends.

I just put another Tater Baker Bag on my Facebook store. I am offering a discount if you are a fan of Skeeter Fine Crafts fan page.

Summer is coming are your feet ready for Barefoot Sandals?? I have a list of tips on my Facebook discussion tab, on how to care for your feet, to keep your toes pretty so you can wear the Barefoot Sandals and show off your pretty toes!

Just in time for the 4th of July Celebration!

Until next time, enjoy the summer!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Prints added to the Tater Baker Bags

Little Sunflowers

Sunflower Patch

Sunflowers and Daisies
Potatoes Galore

I have added some new prints to the Tater Baker Bags. Potatoes Galore, Little Sunflowers, Sunflower and Daisies, and Sunflower Patch you can order with or without a tater scrubber. You will want to see these.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tips from Toe Buddy "Keeping your toes pretty!"

Toe Buddy says:

If you are having a hard time keeping your toes look nice or embarrassed of your feet and would like to wear barefoot sandals, then read along and I will tell you everything you can do, to have pretty toes.

First, you need to make sure you work on your toes at least every 2 weeks. Either do it yourself or go to a salon to get a pedicure. No one likes to see chipped nail polish, unfinished, ugly feet. Its a turn off. Make sure you always have nail polish on them. whether its only clear or with color. You always want them to shine.
Pedicures are a great way to relax your feet will look great. Paint your toenails to match the beads of the barefoot sandals!

During the summer, soak your feet and then use a pumice stone to remove the calouses. Paint your toenails bright colors

Take a shower, and use a pumice stone, sponge, foot file, ped egg, etc. on your heels, and any other rough patches-maybe around your toes or corns.

Note: When using pumice stones be sure to wash them with an antibacterial soap first.

When you get out of the shower-lather your feet in a good hydrating lotion-Vaseline lotions, and Eucerin (dermatologist recomended) work well in my experience. Even baby lotion!

Let lotion dry (2-4 minutes.) Then, break open a Vitamin E pill (gel form)-unless you already have Vit E in oil form-rub all over or just on roughest patches.

Next, use some sort of petroleum jelly. Whether it's vaseline brand or A&D. Make consistancy super thick or more thin. In my opinion, I hate wearing socks anyways, especially to bed-so when I do this I make it worth it. Therefore, I tend to be a little more generous with my products.

Grab two pairs of nice and warm socks-put them on. Be careful to open up the socks so the gunk won't get all over the outside. Put both pair on and go to bed!
Note: If your feet are really cold, which sometimes this does that to them, I wrap an extra blanket around my them.

To maintain this, you have to continue this every so often. Or at least add a little Vitamin E or/and Petroleum Jelly to your heels and use your pumice stone in the shower.

Now I enjoy a good foot soak, I believe most people do after a long hard day or workout. A plain old foot tub will do the trick. Just soak feet in luke warm or hot water (not too hot) add some Epsom salt soak for about 20 min or more depending on the person, time, or comfort.

While soaking scrub those feet with a foot scrubber, the cost for one is about $2.49 or cheaper depending where you shop. After the soak dry your feet really good , make sure you dry between the toes and let air dry for about 5 min, they sell many foot scrapers. I find that the ped egg is good but if you have really rough feet you need a good old scrapper which is like a razor blade for the foot . never go across scrap up and down until new skin appears, and do not go deep. After that ,cream your feet, use foot cream that helps improve dull, dry, and flaky feet. If you cannot find foot cream which comes in many brands, coco butter works great.

Prepare your nails by clipping them with a square cut and rounded edges. Then file them until they are nice and smooth. Make sure you clean off all of your old nail polish. You want your party feet to look their best.

Soak your feet in a bubbly foot bath using a product like Jeni Pedi Soak Foot Bath for five or ten minutes. This is a good start if you are going to spend all night dancing at the prom.

Dry your foot thoroughly. Add a drop of cuticle oil at the base of the toe nail. Gently push the cuticles back with a cuticle stick.

Buff your feet. Remove all the dead skin with a pumice stone. Rinse and dry your feet when you are finished. You are almost ready for a holiday party now.

Moisturize your feet. Rub it in all over your foot, including between the toes. Let it soak in.

Paint your nails in a festive color that complements your dress. You can add miniature gem stones for a glamorous look and feel. Put on your barefoot sandals and you are ready. You can have fun and relax knowing that you have truly pretty toes.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Marks and Snowflakes

I have a new embroider machine and here are some of the lace bookmarks and snow flakes I have made.

May 2110

I really need someone to remind me to post in my blog!
New things I am doing..... got a new embroidery machine and I have been busy trying to learn how to use it. It will do everything but sing DIXIE and I think if I tried I could get it to do that. It is a Husqvarna Topaz 30. I am taking lessons from the dealer, SewCrazy in Chassell. Naomi is a great teacher. Right now I am making bookmarks, free standing lace bookmarks, they are a lot of fun. I was going to post a picture of some of the ones I made, but I am on the wrong computer. All my pictures are on my desktop. Maybe I will post some later, when I get on the other computer.

I have added 4 new prints to the Tater Baker Bags. On Facebook, I have a SHOP NOW tab with one of the new designs, Potatoes Galore.

Skeeter's Fine Crafts on Facebook

A lot has went on this past year, some really down times with my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) Some days I can hardly get out of bed, but then I have good days too.

I will not promise to write more often in this blog, only if I remember!

Our humming birds are back, I love it when they return to the woods!
If you are on Facebook, we have a nice Bible reading group, we share Bible verses, Prayer list and some scramble games, come join us.
Take care my friends, May the Good Lord Bless and keep you!
Skeeter Jorgensen